Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scarlet Ribbon

On a shimmering scarlet ribbon I ride. Over mountain peaks and across pastures green. I journey on and on. With your love and guidance I am carried into the world. To newer towns and ancient cities. Hopes, dreams, and promises. Your ermine and your pearls.

With my pen I paint a picture of you who were born with nothing yet who walked in robes of gold. Dawn’s light reveals a valley. Rugged and deep, with secrets still untold. In the distance stands a giant wheel. A drawbridge slowly rises. From the tower sound three bells. But for whom do they toll?

Each spring we watch leaves turn green, only to wither in the fall. In days coruscating in sunlight we waltz through vale and glen. Dusk drifts us into a nocturnal world where midnight flowers bloom. Woods bathed in phosphorescent moonlight; the melodies of owls.

I must leave you now. My scarlet ribbon carries me higher. Fields mist with rain. Sky glistens like steel. Fish labor upstream in a cascading river blue. In which tongue will you speak? In which land will you reside? My passion is for people. A journey into the sun.